What You Need to Know Before Entering a Detox Program

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Entering detox is a big step that is full of unknown factors. When preparing to enter a detox program, there can be a variety of concerns that arise. Understanding some simple information before beginning this process can help drastically alleviate stress and help you adapt to the changes that are about to be implemented.

Understand the Program

Reviewing the typical structure of the detox program can help you mentally prepare for this adjustment. Our team works together, ensuring there is always someone there to listen to your needs and ensure you are placed in the right level of care for your current situation. We place you into the level of care that will most benefit you initially to get you on the path to success immediately.

Intake Process

To start the program, you will often be picked up by one of our team members or transported through Uber or Lyft if the situation allows. There are very rare occasions that we allow drop-offs. After arriving at our center, you will be required to take a rapid COVID-19 test to ensure we are keeping everyone in the facility safe. You will also be searched upon arrival, and your clothes will be sanitized to ensure the safety of everyone.

You will receive your clothes back after sanitization, and all toiletries will be provided for you. Your cell phone will be turned in and will not be used throughout the detox period unless a case manager approves use for a specific situation. If you are ever allowed on your phone, it must be in the presence of your case manager.

You are allowed one phone call during the intake process to let your family know you made it safely. After this phone call, there is a three-day blackout period with no communication with your friends or family. While it is only three days, it can be hard to go without communication with the outside world. Being mentally prepared for this can help this step to seem less severe and allow you to focus your concentration on other matters.

While you will not receive your cell phone back, you will have opportunities to call approved individuals after the blackout period. For those of you who can work remotely, you can have access to a laptop from 6 am to 9 am in the presence of your case manager to work each morning.

Within the first 24 hours of entering our facility, you will have a full nursing assessment and a visit with a doctor. Doctor visits are often through telehealth. We work to schedule these appointments early on to ensure you have your needed medications by midnight of the day you arrive. Within the first 72 hours, you will meet with your assigned case worker, who you will meet with daily. You will be able to meet the therapist that you work with every week as well.

Daily Groups

As well as understanding what your first few days will look like, it is also important to prepare for your average day through the program. From 9 am to 4 pm, there are various forms of group therapy and activities available. We have groups focusing on art therapy, dialectal behavioral therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, anger management, anxiety management, relapse prevention, and many other aspects to help you gain the skills to succeed. You will often receive homework assignments from these groups to help you put the skills to use and concrete the information.

Along with these different groups, we also have an optional 12-Step meeting every day. While the attendance of these meetings is not required, it is highly recommended to help you improve even further through recovery. Various activities are also hosted to help make your experience in recovery more enjoyable.

Have a Positive Mindset

Understanding the structure of detox intake is one of the best ways to prepare yourself. Along with the familiarity with the upcoming program, having the mentality to work toward your best self can drastically affect your experience. If you begin the program with the initiative to change and do your best, you automatically set yourself up to succeed.

While there can be many concerns and fear stepping into a detox program, keeping your goals as your primary focus can help you overcome the feelings of withdrawal and overall adjustment to the program. Knowing that you have the support of your treatment team, we hope this step can be manageable for you. When you complete the detox program, we will work to create a discharge plan fully catered to your needs and support you moving forward.

Stepping into a detox program can bring about many concerns and feelings of stress. This is a big step with a great deal of uncertainty involved. Deciding to take this step and begin your journey of self-betterment can be one of the hardest aspects to overcome. By understanding the intake process and what your day-to-day life will look like through detox, you can mentally prepare for this stage of recovery. Our treatment team works together to provide you with the best service possible, suited to your individual needs. Having a strong support system through treatment can help you to ensure you are learning skills that apply to your situation and set you up for future success. We hope this information will help you prepare for detox and relieve some stress. To learn more about preparing for a detox program, reach out to California Care Detox & Treatment at (949) 281-0632.

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