Mental Health


At California Care mental health, we are committed to helping our patients achieve mental and emotional stability. Our focus is on the recovery of the mind, body, and spirit.

We believe that each individual needs to have his or her own experience, however, coupled with a group experience. this experience should be one of a spiritual nature as we focus on the cause and the condition of the illness. our job is to help each patient accumulate tools that will help them sustain long term happiness.

California Care's mental health residential front door

Better Health starts with You!

Recovery Starts Here!

California Care Recovery has all the strengths of both group and one-on-one therapy. Our team of professionals works closely with you from the start to develop an individualized treatment plan that addresses you and your needs in each stage of care. Our founder devotes his time and energy to accomplish the mission we set out on from the day we opened our doors.

At California Care Recovery, we are here to be a positive force for mental health. We’re open 24/7 and offer same day admissions. If you or a loved one is seeking effective treatment for issues of mental health, call us now.

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