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Admissions Process

Anyone interested in our program goes through a pre-screening process as well as a complete assessment. In addition to an entrance interview and collaborative treatment planning, the California Care Recovery admissions process includes a physical examination. The purpose of the admissions interview is not just to determine if our services are right for you, but also to allow our medical and therapeutic team to create your personalized treatment plan.

Prospective patients may expect to speak with our clinical staff on the following topics:

  • Personal and family history of mental health and substance use disorders
  • Current mental health status
  • Any previous treatment and therapy experience
  • Personal motivations, including long-term and short-term expectations
  • Preferred forms of treatment and therapy
  • Goal-oriented treatment plans and aftercare
  • Any necessary accommodations

Admissions Criteria & Exclusions

All applicants must be capable of living in a therapeutic environment and engaging with both staff and other patients on a regular basis in order to be accepted. If potential patients do not satisfy the eligibility requirements for our program, we can help them in identifying alternate choices that may be more suitable.

We are unable to admit the following at this time:

  • Individuals experiencing active suicidal ideations
  • Individuals requiring psychiatric hospitalization
  • Individuals who are unwilling or unable to take part in their treatment

Recovery Starts Here!

At California Care Recovery, we are here to be a positive force for mental health. We’re open 24/7 and offer same day admissions. If you or a loved one is seeking effective treatment for issues of mental health, call us now.

CALL (949) 281-0632
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