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After your time here at California Care Recovery, your experience with the best treatment available doesn't end. You have removed yourself from substance use, addressed the root cause of addiction, and developed new skills that will transform your life for the better. After your stay, there is a whole world of options ahead of you.

You have every reason to be proud of what you have accomplished. You've learned not to quit before the miracle happens. But what comes next? In addition to inpatient treatment, we offer aftercare and alumni support to ensure that the future holds even more rewards for you and helps you avoid the pitfalls of early recovery.

Looking to the Future

Planning for a future in recovery is no easy endeavor, and the first year of sobriety may have new and unanticipated challenges. Finding a job or a supportive living situation are opportunities that can always benefit from guidance. You don't have to go through it alone. Our aftercare program provides case management to assist patients in their initial months of recovery.

You will meet with our staff regularly to discuss any difficulties and answer any questions that arise. Through this professional support network, we can assist in transforming fears about the future into enthusiasm for the better life that awaits. Our objective is to make it easier to prepare for the future in positive, renewing, and life-changing ways.

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First Steps and Follow-Through

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The first critical step toward freedom from addiction is living a life free of drugs and alcohol. As part of your recovery process, you'll learn how to deal with stressful situations and environments that are not conducive to recovery.

In a treatment facility, you are surrounded by people who can assist you in maintaining your sobriety. Once back in the “real world,” you will be leaving an accepting and supportive environment that has the same goals as you do. Staying in a recovery mindset is much easier inside the treatment center. The staff and your peers bring out the best in you. You have someone to relate to and a source of guidance. The true test begins when you go outside the walls of the treatment center.

There is so much you can learn in a short stay in inpatient treatment. However, the reality is that recovery is a long game. In those early weeks, months, and years particularly, life has surprises for you. Many of them are good if you continue to seek sobriety, but some things will be challenging. The ups and downs will test your newfound sobriety. Through aftercare programming, you can build a foundation of accountability with regular check-ins with our staff. There you can receive advice, talk about what's on your mind, learn new skills, and how to prevent relapse. It is a powerful tool in early sobriety.

Aftercare Advantage

Patients at California Care Recovery come in and meet with our aftercare staff for an hour, one or two days a week. Individuals in the early stages of recovery rely on these case managers for guidance and support. Many of the things are critical to long-term health and recovery that can be provided by our staff when you need them.

This program helps patients set short-term and long-term goals in life, work, and recovery before putting those plans into action. As a result of the aftercare program, you will be able to meet and form relationships with other sober people, which will serve as a solid foundation for achieving your long-term goals.

Relapse Prevention

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For those in early recovery, relapse can be a constant concern. Addiction and alcoholism cannot be “cured,” even with the best treatments available. An essential aspect of the aftercare program is relapse prevention. Relapse is not inevitable. It can be avoided by preparing a relapse prevention plan in advance. Our aftercare staff understands what can lead to relapse. They can work with you to identify potential triggers, learn techniques to cope with cravings, and develop an emergency relapse plan using their experience and evidence-based relapse prevention methods.

Who Should Consider the Aftercare Program

  • If you are in early recovery and want to make sure this is their last time in treatment
  • If you want to work toward achieving goals for yourself with the support of our skilled professionals
  • If you desire a smooth transition between different levels of care
  • If you have struggled with relapse and need more support through the first year of recovery
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To Our Alumni

California Care Recovery wants to see you succeed and we will be reaching out at various milestones to help celebrate your recovery goals. We invite our alumni to do panels for newer patients on-site, to engage in a variety of fun activities every month, and we have a dedicated staff member that will help engage and organize the alumni fellowship.

We are always excited to hear from our alumni. To see people succeed, forge a new path, and make a new life with the ones they love is the best part of our job. If you stay connected to a community of like-minded individuals and commit to your recovery, the possibilities are unlimited. You too will marvel at how far you have come and the transformation that has occurred. Your best days lie ahead. Remember that California Care Detox & Treatment is here when you need us, so stay in touch, join the aftercare program, and stay sober, one day at a time.

Recovery Starts Here!

At California Care Recovery, we are here to be a positive force for mental health. We’re open 24/7 and offer same day admissions. If you or a loved one is seeking effective treatment for issues of mental health, call us now.
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