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Updated: Feb 28, 2021

Does that word capture your attention? If it does, then you probably already understand what I'm about to write.

For me, I always work extra hard at everything I do, the best way I know how. Is that a bad thing? No, in fact it's a good thing. We should always be the best version of ourselves, have pride in our work and all of our day to day tasks. It is healthy to make this a practice in order to become better at what we do as people. This practice encompasses all facets of our life, not only how to be better at our work, but our ability to maintain and grow healthy relationships. The ability to regulate our emotions is, truly, how we grow as individuals.

The problem with those of us who are "perfectionists" is we sometimes take it too far. We become very hard on ourselves for the smallest of mistakes on tasks that we didn't "perfectly" complete or do the best we know we could have or should have done. Is this a bad thing? Yes. This brings so much anxiety to our lives, so much aggravation and discomfort that we become mentally and physically abusive to ourselves.

So the message I would like to share is "practice doesn't make perfect" - contrary to what I was told as a child. The truth is practice makes progress and allows us to grow and become better tomorrow than we were yesterday. Keep up the hard work and the practice is always striving to be the best you can be. Just remember to be kind to yourself. You are not perfect and no one should expect you to be!

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