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Updated: Feb 13, 2021

Our spirit is forever healing. Nobody is spared from heartache or despair. Some days may bring you ease in processing the good, bad and ugly while others feel impossible doing so.

Which image speaks to you? If none, find one that brings you to a place of awe or sense of calm. Our mind has the power to open or shut down its body depending on experiences, thoughts and personal interpretation. Interpretation is subjective, though, may be specific to many while vague and questionable to others. Clear minds alleviate harsh methods of interpretation.

Notice what you feel when nervous. Maybe your stomach hurts or your back aches. Happiness, whether caused by exercise, a delicious dessert, a massage, laughter, and so on, releases endorphins which allow muscles to relax and reduces pain perception.

We can control how we feel and react by how we help direct our mind. When we don't have tangibles at our fingertips like an ice cream sundae or a foot rub, simply choose a photo or image to help regain peace allowing your glowing spirit to restore light into your body. We could never get enough, so please share that beautiful radiance of yours.

--Author anonymous

Lady in jacuzzi in the great, snowy outdoors
jacuzzi outside overlooking the snowy mountains

Heart shaped pattern of flowers in the green grass
heart shaped flowers

deep sea diving, colorful fish
See of blue and green fish

Mountains envelope homes on the hillside beside the water
hillside of dim-lit homes, seaside, mountains in background

Water slide fun

zero edge pool, contemporary home with glorious views
zero edge pool

Heart-shaped hands with pink flowered sprinkled with grass in the background
Heart-shaped hands

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