How Can I Stay Motivated?

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Staying motivated can be difficult, even in the simplest situations. Still, when you face everyday life and mental health or addiction recovery, it can feel like you’re juggling a million balls at once and want to drop them. Even when things get overwhelming, motivation is a crucial aspect of change. Seeking treatment shows that there is motivation within you. Centering on that as you progress in treatment encourages your continued effort.

It is common to resist change and the work needed to progress through mental illness or addiction treatment. It doesn’t have to be part of who you are. Work together rather than fighting the work or feeling that you are against your support system. Engaging with your care team and approaching your treatment with compassion for yourself starts your long-term journey.

Importance of Being Motivated

You’ve already decided to enter treatment. That is an excellent step in the right direction. But, that doesn’t mean that positivity will last throughout the whole process. Recovery is not always an upward stride; it also has valleys. The work it takes to make changes is difficult. You will have darker times. When you hit a bump, you may consider giving up. Battling those obstacles is what brings you to the other side. Choosing to face your battles instead of running from them is what keeps you going forward, not falling back.

You want to keep pushing, but you aren’t going full speed ahead at all times. That is sustainable. The importance of motivation is moot without self-compassion. To continue feeling motivated, you need to experience the small moments of change along the way. If you’re battling addiction, enjoy a night at home relaxing with sparkling water and pizza. Count that as progress and a break. You get to do something for yourself and reflect on your growth.

It is so important to take the time to appreciate each moment. When all the world complies, it can feel like too much to balance. You want your recovery to last. That means the motivation needs to continue. It can only remain if you are focused and enjoying the journey, no matter how difficult. Like everything else in treatment, motivation is a skill you develop and get better and better at.

How to Stay Motivated

There is a lot that goes into staying motivated. What motivates everyone may vary. Keeping these guidelines in mind and reflecting on them in weak moments can inspire you to keep moving forward in your recovery.

Remember why you started

You didn’t begin treatment because it sounded like something fun to do. You made this choice for a reason. Revisit that. Did you want to be healthy? Were your relationships suffering? Did you want to be happier? You took that step. Now, remember why you’ve been working so hard.

Accept yourself

You are just a person and, like every other human, you are imperfect. Accept that you will have down moments, and sometimes recovery won’t feel as encouraging and exciting as it once did. In those moments, go back to the basics. Take care of yourself because you deserve it, not because it is what you should do. Give yourself time and space to relax. Get enough sleep, eat healthily, move your body, and socialize with supportive people.

Appreciate your progress

Sometimes it can feel like you’re at a standstill. Maybe you haven’t made progress recently or feel like you’ve plateaued in your treatment. That is okay. The journey is different for everyone. Instead of settling into that, look back at all the work you have done and appreciate yourself and your hard work. Look back at your journal. Ask friends what changes they see in you. You’ve come further than you probably realize.

Be practical

This isn’t the deepest of motivational methods, but for those who are rational thinkers, this can help. Recovery is not just going to help you live a more well-balanced purposeful life, but it will keep you healthy and alive. Whether you are in recovery from mental health or addiction, working on this will benefit all aspects of your life, from work to family and more.


When you feel unmotivated, you may not want to do anything, whether that involves your recovery or just everyday stuff. Isolating yourself, however, can put you in a dark place. It can make you feel worse. Even if the last thing you want is to be around people, reach out for support. Go to a meeting. Call your therapist. Have dinner with a supportive friend or family member. Your community will hear you out, encourage you, and comfort you.

Reassess your goals

Recovery is a long journey, and the goals you set at the beginning may be changing. You are facing new challenges. Before giving up, accept those changes and adjust your goals. Set a plan. Think about what you want to accomplish.

Use your coping skills

During treatment, you learn coping skills. These allow you to face stress and struggles without going on the wrong path. You can deal with hardships and be stronger for them. You have to face your doubts and negative feelings and work through them to stay motivated.

Slow down

You’ve undoubtedly heard this before but take it one day at a time. Maybe you’ve only had good days up until now. Or you didn’t think you would fall back into a doubtful place. Every day will have ups and downs. When you accept that as reality, not your weakness, you can live with it and push through.

Although motivation is a crucial aspect of recovery, it will come and go. It is only realistic to accept that not every day will be easy. To stay motivated, you need to accept negative feelings just as much as you want to hold onto the good ones. Finding ways to cope with a loss of motivation is just as important as finding it. Developing a routine, a strong support system, and recognizing the progress you’ve made reminds you how beneficial recovery is to your life. You decided to get treatment for a reason, don’t give up on that. Revisit your choices and understand why you made them. Take time to reassess your outlook and your future. What new goals do you need to work towards? California Care Detox & Treatment offers motivational care and strategies to keep you feeling encouraged throughout your treatment and recovery. We are always here to help. Call us now at (949) 281-0632.

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