What Are the Common Rules During Rehab?

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As each rehab program slightly differs in regulations and structure, understanding some basic rules can help you succeed and gain the full benefits from the program as you work toward sobriety. These rules can be used throughout any circumstance and with any treatment accommodations and provide you with some level of benefit when followed.

What to Expect

Being prepared with expectations in place as you begin rehab can help ease a lot of stress when beginning this process. Discussing the overview of your treatment program and mentally preparing for the upcoming obstacles can help set you up for success moving forward.

Commit to Change

As you work through the process of recovery, many aspects of your everyday life are necessary to adjust. If you come into recovery with a strict mindset of keeping your habits in place, it can be difficult to work through. Beginning treatment with the motivation and commitment to make changes in your life for the better can instantly set you up for success.

As you may still encounter setbacks and struggles through the process, a strong commitment to change can help re-align you on the right path. Without being willing to make changes in your life, aspects of your substance use disorder can easily take over again and remain in control.

Be Honest

When it comes to treatment and self-improvement, honesty is the best policy. While being honest with your family, friends, and treatment team, it is especially important to be honest with yourself. If you are completely honest with yourself regarding your progress and current standpoint in recovery, you will have a more accurate understanding of what you need to continue your progression.

As you encounter points of success or setbacks, you will increase your understanding of practices that benefit you and those that don’t. By allowing yourself to give honest feedback, you and your treatment team can adjust your recovery plan for the best potential outcome.

Honesty can initially be hard to achieve in recovery; however, it is an important skill to work on throughout the treatment process. After going through the detox phase and working to maintain sobriety, honesty with yourself is essential. If you struggle to be honest with yourself about your state of addiction, it can be harder to overcome.

Get Help

It is common to feel a variety of emotions, both negative and positive, throughout recovery. There is an increased potential to feel anxious or depressed in treatment. If you develop these feelings, you must reach out to your treatment team or support groups to ensure you receive the emotional support you need.

Asking for help at any point throughout or after the treatment process is always recommended if you feel you need extra assistance. Oftentimes, your emotions need to be talked through and sorted out. Opening up to a member of your treatment team and processing these emotions can help you to move forward and continue your progression.

Care For Yourself

Self-care is an extremely important focus throughout recovery. As each skill gained and a bit of information obtained is important, the benefit drastically decreases if you are not caring for yourself. There are many opportunities for stress to arise when overcoming an addiction. Allowing yourself plenty of time for self-care can help to ease this stress and regain your focus on self-improvement.

Many aspects of self-care, especially the way you view your surroundings, can help in the future prevention of a relapse. As you develop skills to care for yourself and ensure you are in a positive mental state, you will further your skills to handle situations where substance use is present.

Follow the Procedures

As some rules and procedures within your specific treatment program may be hard to understand and come to terms with, each regulation is there to help keep you safe and lead you to your best self. If you ever encounter a rule or procedure that does not make sense, contact your treatment team with questions. Politely asking about the reasoning behind the procedures can help you understand their effect and how it can benefit you to follow them.

By engaging in these simple rules, you can lead yourself to success with any form of treatment. Recovery is not easy and is expected to have various obstacles hindering your potential for success. By following these rules of recovery, you can overcome any obstacle that comes your way. The most important rule to remember when working to overcome an addiction is not to give up. If you resist the idea of giving up on yourself, you will reach sobriety success.

As you begin treatment, there are many rules you can apply to ensure you are setting yourself up for success. Each program may have different rules and procedures to ensure the safety and sobriety of those in the facility; however, following these general rules can help anyone stay on the path to success. By understanding the expectations of your program, you can mentally prepare for the upcoming obstacles. Committing to change, ensuring you are always honest with yourself and your treatment team, asking for help when needed, engaging in self-care, and following the procedures in place can help keep you on the path to success. Each of these rules can bring many benefits when working to overcome an addiction. To learn more about the basic rules for recovery and how to lead yourself to success, contact California Care Detox & Treatment at (949) 281-0632.

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