Mental Health Outpatient

The Solution


For those seeking a solution for mental health concerns, a program focused on self-improvement that is empowering and fits into your schedule may be the best option. California Care Recovery offers a mental health outpatient program (OP). Each week, our mental health nighttime track is provided in sessions Monday through Friday from 5 pm to 8 pm and 6 pm to 9 pm.

An OP provides a way for patients to maintain a healthy balance between their independence while receiving treatment that focuses on improving well-being. Patients can maintain a work-life balance while receiving mental health therapy through flexible scheduling.


Gaining the Advantage


We facilitate personal growth by addressing life’s difficulties and stressors with the advantage of diverse views, support, and encouragement provided by a group of like-minded people. We use evidence-based methods and care tailored to the needs of the patient. Our outpatient program is small and intimate, giving patients the chance to work on the aspects of life that matter to them. Patients are free to be themselves and grow.

Patients learn a wide range of skills that can help them improve their state of mind and better regulate their emotions. Treatment programs for stress and anger management introduce new coping skills to ease symptoms. OP can also serve as a level of care that is suited for persons who are reintegrating back into society and building healthy habits.

As a result of an outpatient treatment program, individuals can learn to better address a wide range of psychological and interpersonal challenges. Group therapy and educational groups are used to help patients improve everyday functioning and return to their families and communities each day.


Our Program


Our outpatient program at California Care Recovery takes a mind-body approach to mental health treatment. In addition to participating in group therapy, evidence-based treatments, and fun activities, participants receive a curriculum designed to help them succeed long-term. Clinical features include:

Somatic Experiencing: For those who have experienced trauma and have struggled with treatment in the past, we offer somatic experiencing. This method approaches trauma in areas around the body and heals them. This can open doors to a whole new way of addressing the past trauma that our bodies remember.

Group Therapy: Participating in treatment as a group is a powerful way of recognizing we are not alone and gaining support from peers. Hearing other perspectives can be a productive way to learn to solve problems. In group therapy, patients meet with others who are also in treatment and share their problems in a safe, confidential setting.

Interactive Therapy: We offer unique classes such as art therapy, music therapy, and creative writing. These sessions engage the mind and use self-expression to heal and make positive connections with recovery.

Individual Therapy: There are many benefits to one-on-one therapy. If there are things that you might not feel comfortable sharing in a group setting, our counselors are here to listen and help. Individual therapy provides a confidential, safe space with our highly trained therapists who can help you tackle significant issues like depression, anger, career changes, and anything else that could hold you back from living a healthy, fulfilling life.

Family Therapy: Family therapy at California Care Recovery allows patients and their families to address and work through problems and emotions in a safe, supportive environment. Through therapy, participants can repair relationships and learn better methods of communication and how to maintain healthy, meaningful connections with others.

Special Activities and Rooms


In addition to the clinical features of our program, we have some amazing experiences that offer healthy fun. Our specialized rooms offer a chance to let out stress and have a good time healing.

Arcade: We have an arcade available at night after group sessions and on weekends. There needs to be time for relaxation and fellowship in any schedule. It’s a great way to gather, play, and enjoy a new way of interacting.

Anger Room: Negative emotions like anger can manifest as an energy that needs to be expressed. As such, we try to turn this destructive tendency into a healthy and fun way to let off steam. In the anger room, you have the opportunity to release built-up tension by safely smashing objects. It feels great and it’s a perfect outlet for frustration.

Paint Therapy Room: As an adult, the opportunity to express yourself with paint can be rare. Bring what's inside out using color and see the healing potential in making your emotions art. Don't wear your new clothes, it gets messy!


Benefits of Outpatient Programs


Many patients are unable to relocate to an inpatient rehabilitation center due to their various responsibilities and commitments. Some people require outpatient programs because they need to focus on their recovery while also taking care of their families. Others want to keep working or going to school while doing so.

OP provides flexibility for patients overcoming mental health issues. The shorter, less frequent intervals of attending OP may work for those who have support from family and friends.  Some of the benefits of an OP include:

Flexible Hours: Patients who participate in the evening OP are able to work or go to school during the day and return to their families at night. Patients with outside responsibilities do not need to put them on hold in order to seek help.

Community: Participants in the OP meet peers who are facing similar challenges and journeys. For those working to overcome mental health issues, this supportive community can provide resources and strength.

Real-World Application: Those who attend our OP can apply the things they learn in classes to their everyday lives the moment they go home. Sometimes transitioning from treatment to the real world can be difficult, but an OP allows patients to take home with them skills they learned and put them to practice.

California Care Recovery works to break barriers to mental health treatment, allowing patients the option to commit to just three hours a day and allowing time for work, school, or taking care of family. Our staff is dedicated to helping you rebuild your life, end the cycle of mental health issues, and become a healthy, functioning member of society. We are a treatment center that offers honesty, love, and support when our patients need it most.

 Our mental health outpatient program is the perfect solution for those seeking help but keeping a schedule. Call California Care Recovery at (949) 281-0632 to learn more about our treatment options and services.