A bunch of paddle boarders enjoying the calm waters in the marina under the sunshine.
Five adults in white or light colored shirts are practicing yoga on the beach in warrior pose as blue skies ensues and sun shines above.
Surfer attempts to ride a growing wave in the ocean while an onlooker awaits his turn.
A bunch of guys, some shirtless, one in a hoodie, are playing a game of volleyball on the beach not allowing the cloudy skies to get in their way.
Colorful arrays of orange, yellow and purple engross the sky above the darkening marina as the boats grow dim among the twlighlight skies.
A man does his best fishing off the shore despite the rocky waves.
View of shoreline, day at the beach with surfers.
Sun glistening off blue ocean.
Beautiful skies on a sunny day overlooking the marina.
San Juan Capistrano Library
Beautiful view of green golf course.
Regency Theater of San Juan Capistrano
San Juan Capistrano historical clock.
San Juan Capistrano Mission
When we live a sober and health conscience life, the activities available to us are countless. At California Care Recovery, we strive to live every day to our fullest potential.