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It is human nature to be tempted. Succumbing to the temptation is based on integrity. Integrity is when we act on the wiser decision whether someone is watching or not. The wiser decision is what drives us to ensure trust within ourselves validating the trust you've gained by others.

A decadent piece of oozing lava cake is sometimes called sinful, but rather a treat neglecting the diet every so often is easily forgiven. Giving into spending money on a luxury item that's set aside for your child's college fund can be noted as unwise.

Burying your head in the sand, avoiding the weight of the world, by encouraging your ego to be stroked, maybe a little too much, by someone other than your mate. Taking one pill too many knowing the mind altering effects it is certain to have on you, thereby causing relationship repercussions. These examples are maybe not "sinful," albeit shameful when the alluring preludes are acted upon.

Shame versus dignity -- both results of temptation. Humiliation stems from shame. We would hope to achieve a healthy form of humility, evolving into a person of integrity. Nobody said doing the "right thing" is easy, but it sure can save you and those around you from an abundance of pain. The best service you can do is be true to yourself and understand where the lines are drawn before drifting into murky waters.

-Author anonymous

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Decadent and tempting
Chocolate lave cake

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Racing or spending is tempting
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