• Jason Bouquet


Updated: Feb 28, 2021

Peace is a delicate mindset, which has been disturbed for many over this past year. There are different truths to many different people, and peace can be interrupted when others face questions to their truths.

The questions lies with how do we allow peace to encompass us more often than not. It requires constant attention to help us retain our peace and self reflection. For some, it is difficult to hold onto an ongoing peaceful mindset. Utlimately, it's a good start to forgive those who doubt us, our decisions, beliefs and even our mistakes. This includes the doubts we have within ourselves and our own thoughts.

There's a necessity to forgive ourselves and those around us as we may sometimes feel, in a self-absorbed way, that the closer they are to us, their thoughts may be a reflection on us, which is not the case. We are hardest on the ones we love, yet should be that much more forgiving.

Letting go of certain notions will bring us more ease on ourselves and others and, hopefully, gain more peace within and the messages we send.

Holiday, snow season
Snowy house with bikes parked out front

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