• Jason Bouquet


Accountability is one of the most important words in the English language and, sadly, some don't weigh its importance on the scale they should. Blaming life's difficulties and challenges on outside influences is a farce, an excuse and a despicable explanation.

Some of us have more of a guilty conscience than others, so by not taking the blame or owning responsibility might be the death of them. While others see no harm whatsoever in throwing people under the bus or using circumstances as poor excuses for the sake of holding up their own appearances, which ultimately doesn't work


Keeping one's word is an act of integrity. Obligating ourselves to an act and standing by that promise or agreement sustains accountability enforcing self respect and self esteem. By denying responsibility, you're at risk of diminishing your own intelligence to the one who is trying to understand your actions.

Playing the victim gets old and lessens self worth, resulting in spiraling downward as a whole. Whereas, accountability declares quality of character identifying strong principles. When going on a date, job interview or meeting with your children's teacher - I bet I know the answer when asked how do you wish to be perceived.

Handshake, trust, agreement.
Handshake, trust, agreement.

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