• Jason Bouquet


Updated: Feb 28, 2021

Argumentatively, fear is the first emotion we experience from the moment we enter the world. Fear helps us gauge the threat of danger or harm, however, if we allow fear to consume us, our life diverts from its intended course. When we become in fear of the unknown, we block ourselves from experiencing the joys and miracles of life. This can result in a spiritual sickness and a maladjustment causing anger, depression, anxiety, resentment, hate and countless other diverse effects to our wellbeing.

The question is how do we get out of this unhealthy fear of the unknown. The solution is something that derives from a decision we must make as individuals and it is a required daily commitment.

For me, this solution has been a spiritually-based decision through principles and morals that need to be practiced on a daily basis in all of my affairs. My beliefs come from a non-religious place, not to be confused with this sense of spirituality.

scary, unable to see
Fear, ghost, terrifying

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